About Us
Shaun Connell
Shaun Connell is the Founder and CEO of Connell Media. Over his career, he has built and sold numerous internet projects. He currently spends his time managing Connell Media, launching new publications, and managing his investment portfolios.
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Tiffany Homan
Tiffany Homan is the Director of Business Operations of Connell Media. Tiffany manages all business operations ranging from facilitating the launch of new online media projects to managing our real estate investment portfolio.
Ariana Kumpf
Ariana Kumpf is an Executive Assistant for Connell Media. She provides a supporting role to all operations ranging from market research to document preparation.
About the Network
This website exists to showcase our public projects, introduce our staff, and provide our corporate background and history. Here are some of our publications:
Freelancer Writing Jobs
FreelanceWritingJobs.com is the best place to find a freelance writing job online.
Learn Divorce Law
LearnDivorceLaw.com is the most comprehensive site online for learning to navigate divorce.
Stoic Quotes
StoicQuotes.com provides Stoic quotes and principles for dealing with anxiety, anger, and life in general and life.
Rental Property Calculator
RentalPropertyCalculator.com helps investors see if a property will be a good investment.
Credit Building Tips
CreditBuildingTips.com is the leading resource for learning how to increase your credit.
Shaun Connell
ShaunConnell.com is a wealth-building blog by our founder, Shaun Connell.
WringTips.org explains how to easily understand basic grammar rules so you can write better.
Connell Media is a premium online publishing company founded by Shaun Connell. We publish websites on finance, investing, writing, and philosophy.
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